Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Ohayocon! Apply here to join the Ohayocon Family!

Join the Ohayocon Family and put on an unforgettable show!

Each year Ohayocon puts on an event that delights thousands of anime, gaming and Japanese pop culture fans. With concerts, dances and competitions, we are so much more than just another anime convention—and we’re looking for dedicated people to help make it happen!

Becoming a volunteer is great for everyone. From the experienced con-goer, to someone new to the con scene, volunteering will introduce you to new friends an experiences every step of the way. On top of that, there are great perks!

Minimum qualifications:

  • Be at least 18 years old by the start of the convention (Jan. 18, 2024)
  • Have adequate work experience in customer service, retail, hospitality, corporate or other relevant fields
    • Volunteering experience at other conventions is an added bonus
  • Be able to travel to and from Ohayocon independently
  • Pass a background check

If you don’t quite meet the qualifications, we’d still love to have you in the Kohai program. We’ve partnered with bored parents and those too young for a Volunteer position—there’s something for everyone!

Good qualities to have:

  • Humility, warmth, optimism and the desire to be successful
  • Insatiable initiative
  • Strong ability to identify and solve problems
  • A level head under pressure
  • Fluency in more than one language (ASL definitely counts)


  • Ten meals, including two staff banquets, and snacks.
  • Three nights in a nice hotel room shared with other volunteers (with minimum 25 scheduled hours)
  • A weekend badge to enjoy when you’re off the clock
  • An exclusive convention volunteer T-shirt
  • Early entry hours in the Dealers Room so you can browse without the crowds
  • And more to come!

Service quotas

By agreeing to volunteer for Ohayocon, you are agreeing to a minimum of 25 working hours. Volunteers who don’t request a hotel room are required to work a minimum of 15 hours.

Ready to apply?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Ohayocon! Apply here to join the Ohayocon Family!