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When do Panel Applications Open?
Please note that applying for a panel does not guarantee a place on the final schedule, nor is there a guarantee that we will approve all panels that you have applied with. We do try to fit as much content as possible into our schedule, but there is no way to fit all of the panels that we receive.
When do Panel Applications Close?
September 30th 2024
What is the Panel’s Wait List?
Panelists who applied but were not accepted or disqualified will be put onto the Panel’s Wait list, unless they request otherwise. The wait list is sorted by content, audience, rating, & panel type. If there are cancellations over two weeks prior to the convention, panels will try and replace the cancellation with similar content.
Two weeks prior to the convention, the top 10 (general) wait list spots will be notified of their position. So that they are prepared for any last-minute openings. As these openings are filled, we will notify the next on the list that they are now in the top ten.
How old do you have to be in order to be a panelist?
You must be 18 years of age.

What do compensation does Ohayocon offer panelists?
Panelist for Ohayocon will receive a panelist badge to the event in exchange for their services. Panel groups may qualify for up to 4 free badges.
When will I know how many badges our group has qualified for?
At the time of acceptance Panel’s staff will convey the number of badges you are qualified to receive.
How many panels do I need to do for a free badge?
One panel minimum