Ohayocon is Under Maintenance

Columbus, OH – In a shocking turn of events, Melissa Phelps, the President of the Board of Directors of Cultural Exchange Society, Inc., has initiated a hostile takeover by firing and removing access from a majority of the Senior Leadership Team. This sudden and unexpected move has sent shockwaves through the community of Ohayocon Volunteers.

The Senior Leadership Team at Ohayocon has been an integral part of the convention’s success, providing guidance, experience, and dedication to the event’s growth and improvement over the years. Their contributions have helped Ohayocon become one of the most beloved and well-attended conventions in the region.

The abrupt removal of the Senior Leadership Team has raised concerns among the Ohayocon volunteer community about the future direction of the convention and the well-being of the volunteers who pour their hearts into making the event a success year after year. Many volunteers and attendees have voiced their support for the ousted leaders and are calling for transparency and accountability in the wake of this takeover.

We stand with the volunteers of Ohayocon and urge everyone to support the dedicated individuals who have worked tirelessly to make this convention a cherished experience for all attendees. We believe in the values of community, collaboration, and inclusivity that have defined Ohayocon for years, and we call on Melissa Phelps to address the concerns and questions of the community openly and honestly.

As this unexpected change unfolds, supporters of Ohayocon are encouraged to voice their concerns, ask questions, and seek clarity on the future of the convention. Melissa Phelps and the other members of the Cultural Exchange Society Inc. Board of Directors have a responsibility to address the concerns of the community and provide reassurance that the convention will continue to prioritize the values and traditions that have made it a beloved annual gathering.