Ohayocon does not tolerate assault or harassment in any form. This policy applies to everyone present at Ohayocon, including but not limited to attendees, exhibitors, guests, volunteers, staff, and contractors. This policy applies in person at the convention as well as on Ohayocon social media and official Ohayocon online groups.


Harassment is generally defined as unwanted behavior that creates an intimidating, offensive, or hostile environment for the person being targeted. It can be physical or psychological. If someone tells you that your comments or behavior are unwelcome, you must stop immediately. If that person tells you to leave them alone, you must cease contact. It doesn’t matter whether you think your behavior was harassing: harassment is defined by the victim and you must respect their boundaries.

Types of Harassment

  1. making comments about a person’s appearance, sexual or vulgar statements, offensive jokes, or anything disparaging a person’s gender, race, religion, sexuality, identity, disability, etc.;
  2. bullying and discrimination;
  3. whistling, catcalling, and any kind of non-consensual flirting or sexual advances;
  4. following someone or impeding their path;
  5. attending a person’s panels to heckle them;
  6. photographing or recording someone after being asked to stop;
  7. exposing oneself, including through electronic and/or private messages;
  8. miming sexual acts;
  9. bathroom policing, the practice of chastising or otherwise drawing attention to someone because of the bathroom they feel most comfortable using;
  10. touching someone without their permission;
  11. repeated texting, phone calls, or emails, after being told to stop;
  12. public display of explicit or adult content, including but not limited to ahegao, sexualization of minors and nudity;
    1. Items purchased in the Exhibit Hall must be wrapped up and not out where other attendees can view the materials.
  13. any persistent action that creates a hostile environment for the person or persons being targeted.

If a person is in cosplay, that does not give you consent to photograph or touch them without their permission. There is a real person underneath the costume and makeup. If you are in cosplay as a character that might harass others, that does not give you a pass to harass real people even if you are “in character.”

Explicit Behavior

Costumes must cover any area usually hidden by a bathing suit. Please see our costume policy (ohayocon.org/policies/costumes) for more details about what is appropriate for public wear. Flashing or mooning other people is considered harassment and will not be tolerated. Please be aware that businesses and other venues in the area may have stricter dress codes (e.g. shirts required before entry).


Please report any incidents of harassment as soon as possible. We take all reports very seriously, regardless of who is involved. You can report harassment even if you are not directly involved, and we do not tolerate retaliation for filing a report.

You can report harassment by any individual to our Convention Operations office. Please try to report the incident to Convention Operations as soon after the incident as possible and provide a description, name, or photograph of the person. The sooner our team has as much information as possible, the sooner we are able to act. You may also report incidents by sending email to customerservice@ohayocon.org.


Any violations of our harassment policy will result in immediate penalties. Such penalties include, but are not limited to:

  • a verbal warning;
  • confiscation of your badge and ejection from Ohayocon, without refund;
  • contacting law enforcement when appropriate.

Questions & Concerns

We welcome your questions and constructive criticism. If you would like to speak with us about this policy, please email customerservice@ohayocon.org or complete the contact form at ohayocon.org/contact.

We appreciate your cooperation and wish you an excellent weekend at Ohayocon and online experience throughout the year.