Mogchelle started in cosplay by just being an average geek attending an anime convention in 1999.

Her love for the artwork in anime, video games, and comic books made her want to bring the 2D images from the pages and screen to real life. She’s also been featured in several national and international magazines, and several online entertainment news sources for her costuming, and has done work for The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. Over the years she has won countless awards internationally for both craftsmanship and performance on the masters level. She also had the honor of being in the original Project Ebon Blade group by Zach Fisher during Blizzcon, which was a huge undertaking of talent from across the globe to bring Zach’s art to life! Mogchelle is a proud alumni of The University of Hot Glue and Duct Tape!

Mogchelle can be found on:
Instagram: @mogchelle

Every year, she chooses a charity organization to help raise funds for by donating a portion of the profits of her craft and print sales!