Michael Sinterniklaas is a veteran of the anime industry and has worked as an ADR Director, actor, voice actor, script writer, sound engineer, mixer and producer.

In 1999, Michael founded NYAV Post, a bicoastal recording studio that has worked on over 500 anime and non-anime titles.

Michael is a prolific actor and has voiced countless roles in anime such as Dagger in Black Butler: Book of Circus, Netherlands in Hetalia, Xellos in Slayers Revolution and Evolution-R, Joshua and Kennedy in Pokémon, Lucemon in Digimon, Ivan Karelin, Dark Magician and Mahad in YuGiOh, Origami Cyclone in Tiger & Bunny, Sarutobi Sasuke in Sengoku Basara, Sora and Utakata in Naruto, Age in Patema Inverted, and Takeru in FREEDOM. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Outside of anime, he is also well known as the voice of Dean Venture in The Venture Bros, Leonardo in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) and even Funshine in The Care Bears. He has also appeared in video games such as Final Fantasy XIII, Excom, GTA V, the Lego Movie Game, Xenoblade and is the lead Yew Geneolgia in Bravley Second to name a few.

As a director, Michael has worked on many anime, American series and feature releases. Anime include: Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, Berserk, Magic Users Club, Ah! My Goddess, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Slayers Revolution, Slayers Evolution-R, and Giant Robo, and the video game release of Just Cause 3. He’s also directed several non-anime shows and movies including Phantom Boy, Peter Rabbit, Super Friends, Robotomy, and the Oscar nominated movies A Cat in Paris as well as Ernest and Celestine.

When he’s not busy at work, Michael enjoys photography, guitars, synthesizers, and Doctor Who, with Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor being his favorite regeneration.