Andi Serpenti is an Ohio-based professional pet groomer and has been cosplaying since 2015, however, her love for nerd culture and animals has been in her heart since she was a little girl. A great lover of books and true crime, in her downtime she can usually be found reading or listening to a podcast or audiobook. This combined with her favorite childhood tv shows such as Pokemon, Inuyasha, Batman the Animated Series, and Xena Warrior Princess would later become inspirations for many of her future cosplays.

Andi aims for extreme detail with all of her cosplays and often adds her own little touches to the characters she chooses to portray. It is this attention to detail and natural charm she uses while portraying a character that has not only earned her the praise of many but led her to winning costume contests as well as being featured in several mediums in various cosplay-related articles online and syndicated television. A self-professed perfectionist, Andi pours everything she has into her art- from fabrication and styling to learning about working with new mediums and techniques. She credits her attention to detail, especially when styling wigs to her day job as a professional pet groomer.

A firm believer that everyone is beautiful inside and out and that there is no wrong way to cosplay, Andi hopes to help inspire people from all walks of life to cosplay, just as she was inspired by others in the cosplay community. Taking a cue from one of her favorite musicals, ‘ The Rocky Horror Picture Show’, Andi’s message to those who want to cosplay but may be hesitant to do so is, “Don’t dream it, Be it.”


You spoke, we listened! You want to see original characters and designs, gijinka, lolitas, and furries, etc. in an official contest. We want to see your creativity and talent in a whole new light, so we are opening submissions for our all-styles fashion show! Create an outfit inspired by anime, manga, video games, movies, pop culture, fan art, or something completely original.

You may compete with an outfit which you made, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s an original character or one already existing in any medium. We want you to be as creative as possible!

Information and the registration form are available via https://goo.gl/forms/QcV3ZxEAPKzQWCmm1. Good luck!

Ohayocon Yuki Matsuri Debuting at Ohayocon 19 is the Yuki Matsuri: a hands-on theme room that is 100% Japan! Winter blues got you down? Get a taste of the Japanese festival spirit with traditional arts and crafts, Japan-style matsuri games, cultural programming, traditional decor, and photo backdrop with a chance to try on traditional clothing provided by Columbus Kimono. Come dressed in your best yukata and step into summer!

Event signups and $50 pre-registration

We have five ways you can participate in Ohayocon available right now: you can pre-register before Oct. 8, 2018 to get $15 off admission, apply for volunteering (Kohai) or staff positions, enter the Ohayocon 19 Cosplay Expo, and apply to judge the Expo. There are so many ways to enjoy Ohayocon weekend!

Thanks for spending time with us!

We’d like to thank everyone who came out to the premiere of My Hero Academia: Two Heroes last night. The theater was sold out! We hope you had a great time, and we can’t wait to see you again in January! In the meantime, if you want to keep in touch with fellow Ohayocon fans, check out our Official Facebook Group.

Hey Cosplayers!

Looking to spice up your cosplay reveal posts? We have you covered with these Ohayocon Official cosplay announcement frames! These frames are PNG files with transparency to make your reveal super easy to put together. Have fun!

Facebook Frame
Twitter Frame
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We’ve got another Fan Guest of Honor announcement for you! It’s Oriana Perón: Cosplayer, Costume Designer, Drag Queen, and Wig Designer to the stars! Oriana has been cosplaying since 2006. This long journey began in 1995 when her cousin introduced her to Sailor Moon. She is an award winning Mid-Western Drag/cosplayer and now spends her days as a costume and wig designer.

Read Oriana’s full bio HERE!