A chibi Lindsay holds a letter and says "Ohayo gozaimasu!"It’s about three months to go now! We have some updates for you.

  • It’s the last three days for $65 pre-sales! The price goes up on Nov. 20—don’t miss out on the deal! (You can also read our COVID-19 policy and Q&A page.)
  • Due to the pandemic, we have removed certain large-group events from our schedule, including the dances and the Fantasy Ball. We expect these events to return in 2023. You can view the list of Signature Events returning for Ohayocon 22. If you have questions about what is available, we welcome you to contact us.
    • That said, we’re still offering a full panel schedule, electronic and tabletop gaming, the arcade, cosplay photoshoots, special guest events, Dealers Room and Artist Alley, and other Ohayocon staples you know and love!
  • Panelists, the panel application is due Nov. 27. Compensation is available and based on the number of approved events you host.
  • Dancers, the application for the Dance Contest is available now. The deadline has been pushed back to Dec. 11, but don’t wait!
  • We’ve opened the application for new staff members! We offer a lot of benefits to our general staff members, and it’s a great way to cut some of your costs and still see your favorite events while helping others. We look for warm, friendly people who work hard and party harder. All the requirements, good qualities to have and benefits are available for you to read on the Staff page. Outside of pandemic times, we have also historically offered opportunities to have fun together during other times of the year, such as staff retreats, group trips to other conventions and Renaissance fairs, and other enjoyable events.
  • Cosplayers, Expo applications are available for the Craftsmanship and Performance divisions and due Jan. 31. Experienced cosplayers may apply to judge the Cosplay Expo also until Jan. 31.
  • Gamemasters, you can submit events for the tabletop room until Jan. 31.