A chibi Lindsay holds a letter and says "Ohayo gozaimasu!"Happy Holidays! We wish you and yours a new year filled with every delight.

  • You can still book a room on-site at the Hyatt as part of our group—don’t wait!
  • After discussing with our staff and service provider, we have returned the Fantasy Ball to the schedule! You can always view the list of Signature Events to see what will still be offered at Ohayocon 22.
    • We’re still offering a full panel schedule, electronic and tabletop gaming, the arcade, cosplay photoshoots, special guest events, Dealers Room and Artist Alley, and other Ohayocon staples you know and love!
  • As usual, we expect to have a tentative program schedule available a few weeks before the convention.
  • The staff application is still available! If you would like to join us in bringing unforgettable experiences to fellow anime and pop culture fans, please consider applying! We’re also specifically looking for a new Marketing Department Head, which is a leadership position.
  • Cosplayers, Expo applications are available for the Craftsmanship and Performance divisions and are due Jan. 31. Experienced cosplayers may apply to judge the Cosplay Expo also until Jan. 31.
  • Gamemasters, you can submit events for the tabletop room until Jan. 31.